Management Systems

A Management System should be measured by the value it provides an organisation, not just compliance to a Standard.

Management Systems

Management Systems

Your Management System in its simplest explanation is “how do we do things?” It’s the repeatability and dependability of the way we do things that provides assurance in the delivery of value for our stakeholders.

At the heart of an effective management system it should provide the basis for Plan, Do, Check and Act. Too often we spend most of our time and effort in the Do. We try to improve our Planning but due to many factors we tend to skip Check and Act.

How would your organisation answer the following questions?

Do we get value from our Management System or is it seen as a cost?
Do we have clear line of sight from strategy through to our operations?
Do we embrace a plan, do, check and act approach?
Are we people and practice dependent or process dependent?
Do we capture and leverage organisational knowledge?
Do we have too much documentation that confuses people and introduces risk?
Do we manage the competencies of our workforce?
Is our Management System accessible by those who need it?
Does our Management System mitigate risk, increase performance and lower cost?
Do we measure the performance of our management system?

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“A Management System should be measured by the value it brings an Organisation, not just compliance to a standard…”

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