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Structured Change combines the fundamentals of Asset Management (Value), the process of Change Management (Influence) and the structure of Management Systems (Assurance) to deliver sustained value for our clients.

We have witnessed many organisations “over complicating” Asset Management, and not returning the full value from it. Organisations need to realise that, for the most part, they are already doing Asset Management (even if they do not realise it). Furthermore, organisations that don’t have physical assets can gain value through the adoption of Asset Management principles to increase market share, lower costs and embrace risk (and opportunity).

 Most organisations are busy winning work, mobilising work, and being measured against the delivery of work. What if an organisation could create value and improvement through innovation on the back of Asset Management principles? Usually at little cost and without the need to change scope. This is where Structured Change adds value as your change partner.

Our goal is for value to be realised at every step of the journey. We approach and design each journey knowing that we will depart and will leave behind sustained value and our reputation. By positioning ourselves as Change Partners you leverage our experience, knowledge and framework to develop and build internal change capability.


How we can help

Structured Change will help you apply Asset Management in a simple, pragmatic way using a proven framework and approach that is designed to embed sustained value in your organisation. 

Asset Management

Asset Management is about creating value, delivering value, and sustaining value. The challenge faced by most organisations is how to adopt Asset Management to realise sustained value without it being a cost burden.

Change Management

Every organisation is influenced by internal and external forces. Financial, regulatory, commercial, product, services, compliance, industrial relations, innovation, redundancy, obsolescence to name a few. 

Management Systems

Your Management System in its simplest explanation is “how do we do things?” It’s the repeatability and dependability of the way we do things that provides assurance in the delivery of value for our stakeholders.

Asset Information

The success of any organisation is underpinned by the depth, retention, and realisation of knowledge. A learning organisation acknowledges the tension between people, process, and technology.


Who we work with

We are proud to have delivered change with integrity for the following organisations…

Energy Queensland
Royal Australian Navy
Transport for NSW
Transport Sydney Trains
Air Warfare Destroyer

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