Change Management is a critical capability. Is your organisation reacting or responding to change?


Change Management

Every organisation is influenced by internal and external forces. Financial, regulatory, commercial, product, services, compliance, industrial relations, innovation, redundancy, obsolescence to name a few. Whether forces are obvious disrupters or slow-moving market currents, it’s how they are collectively accommodated that matters.

Some organisations approach change by applying more capacity. While this can assist in the shorter term, it can be viewed as “building a house of cards” because when change is delivered it is often short lived and not sustainable.


Structured Change considers four domains in everything we do.


We consider both soft and hard factors. On the “soft side” we are considering behaviour, values and beliefs whereas on the “hard side” we are considering competency, skills, position descriptions and application.


Process is the definition of events that lead from an input to an output in each business function. A process should commence with a request for something (exchange) and end with something of value for the next stakeholder.


The Structured Change Framework and associated tools are based on the principles of Alignment, Assurance, Leadership and Value. Our tools and techniques are shared with our clients at no additional cost.


The success of any change is underpinned by the depth, retention and realisation of organisational knowledge. Leadership and culture play a large role in moving up the value pyramid (and staying there).

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