Acceleration Workshop

This workshop will offer as much information, as many ideas and new approaches as your organisation can manage.



Asset Management
Acceleration Workshop

An interactive workshop that provides participants the ability to learn, challenge, and apply Asset and Change Management fundamentals on their own organisation during the course of the day.

The Workshop can be delivered:

Face to Face

(in person)

Face to Face

(via our online platform)

The focus on the delivery and management of value is the current trend in most industries. Regulatory and contractual compliance is no longer enough in the eyes of customers. Innovation and value exploration within any business context is the expectation. So many organisations are focused on winning work, mobilising work, and being measured against the delivery of work. What if an organisation could create value and improvement through innovation on the back of Asset Management principles? Usually at no cost to a business and without the need to change direction or scope!

This facilitated workshop will enable teams responsible for the delivery of value from any asset in any business context. Whether it’s a contract, project, or any other asset, this workshop will align thinking to create value and convergence through understanding. This is an interactive workshop, with no questions being out of bounds!

The workshop focuses on leveraging existing business capability, capacity, and environments, rather than shooting for blue sky solutions. This is intended for people working in real-world situations facing real-world challenges. The workshop provides participants the opportunity to discover Asset Management while applying it to their organisation.

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Start leveraging your existing business capability and capacity rather than shooting for blue sky solutions.

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