Asset Information

Is your asset data and information a liability or an asset? Does your organisation rely on individuals or organisational knowledge to make decisions?

A Learning Organisation

The success of any organisation is underpinned by the depth, retention, and realisation of knowledge. A learning organisation acknowledges the tension between people, process, and technology. Leadership and culture play a large role in moving up the pyramid (and staying there).

Structured Change helps reduce this tension by linking information directly to decision making. This promotes a culture that embraces lead indicator thinking and knowledge transfer.

By linking information to decision making, it makes it simpler for an organisation to align IT strategies (and technology roadmaps) with organisational and asset management strategies.

An organisation that can link information to decision making is an organisation that is best positioned to influence the future.

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Our collective knowledge and wisdom are reflected in our Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMPs) and Asset Management Plans (AMPs)

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