Asset Management

Your Organisation is an Asset.
Are you treating it as one?

Your Organisation is an Asset

Asset Management is about creating value, delivering value, and sustaining value. ‘Asset Management’ is often confused with the ‘Management of Assets.’ They are complementary to one another but serve a different purpose…

The challenge faced by most organisations is how to adopt Asset Management to realise sustained value without it being a cost burden.

The advantage that Asset Management has over other disciplines is that it can be achieved with little cost because it is driven on principles that can be applied in a manner that suits any organisation.

How would your organisation answer the following questions?

Are our investment decisions aligned to our organisational (stakeholder) objectives?
Do we know what assets we are accountable for that underpin our value delivery
Are our assets delivering value for stakeholders (internal and external)?
Are we struggling in our adoption of Asset Management?
Do we have an Asset Management Policy?
Do we have a Strategic Asset Management Plan?
Do we understand the value that Asset Management enables and sustains?
Do we consider non-asset solutions as part of our decision-making process?
Do we use lead measures to influence improvement in our organisation?

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Most organisations are conducting Asset Management activities but do not realise it!

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