Leadership in Asset Management

Your organization is an Asset! Your people are an Asset! Your IP is an Asset! Are you treating them as such?

The world is waking to the fact that Asset Management delivers value for organizations across the globe. The realization that an organization is an Asset in its own right is a paradigm shift for most but remains a competitive advantage for so few.

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Asset Management
is about creating value, managing value, delivering value and sustaining value. Asset Management is often confused with the Management of Assets. They are complementary to one another but serve different purposes.

The challenge faced by organizations is how to adopt Asset Management in order to realize sustained value without it being a cost burden. The advantage that Asset Management has over other disciplines is that it can be achieved with little cost because it is driven by principles that can be applied in a way that suits the organization.

Structured Change has demonstrated experience in embedding Asset Management in organizations across the globe. Our secret in doing this is the application of three disciplines (Asset Management, Change Management & Program Management) executed holistically via a delivery framework. These capabilities are realized using the Structured Change Framework (SCF) and the underlying principles of Asset Management;

  • Alignment; We are facing the same direction and have a collective intent.
  • Assurance; We do what we say we will do, and do it embracing our company values.
  • Leadership; We empower, trust and support our people deliver value.
  • Value; Everything we do connects to the organization’s objectives and strategy.

The Structured Change Framework (SCF) is your assurance that change is executed with integrity, sensitivity, and accountability. Our team are all trained in the SCF and are selected for their demonstrated leadership and management competency.

Every assignment is made available to our clients via the Structured Change Client Portal. This visibility brings convergence, innovation and influences an outcome driven culture.

Each journey aligns to the ISO Management System framework. This is a key foundation stone in sustaining value when Structured Change transitions out and hand over to business as usual. The organization is placed to make an informed decision in obtaining ISO Certification.