Our Team

Structured Change has a selected team of consultants with demonstrated abilities in key areas. All resources are selected for their capability ahead of their capacity.  Structured Change prides itself on putting forward the right person to achieve the right outcome. Capability extends to the appropriate Subject Matter Expert (SME) fit.

All representatives of Structured Change (Employees and Contractors) are inducted and trained in the Structure Change Framework (SCF).

Brad Blaylock (Change Manager and Business Process Specialist)

Brad is a true professional with over 25 years’ experience in Product Development, Product Management, Merchandising, Marketing, Advertising Configuration and Operational Management. Brad has demonstrated a commercial acumen perspective across the spectrum of the product lifecycle. Coupled with an Asset Management understanding has allowed Brad to find cost savings and value-add for customers across the globe.

Brad’s assignments have required him to create and deliver implementation strategies in order to meet stakeholder and product requirements in an international arena. As a dedicated team player, Brad leverages his analytical and problem-solving skills in order to bring teams together while creating innovative solutions. Brad is a flexible, versatile and dedicated individual who can interact effectively across all functions and levels of the business.

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Christopher Boys (Strategy, Finance, and Program Governance)

Over the past 20 years, Christopher has worked in diverse business environments with roles ranging from detailed strategic and financial analysis to design and delivery of operationally focused projects which have returned significant sustainable benefits on a national and international stage.

Creative problem solver with well-developed written and verbal communication skills and a clear understanding of the breadth of leadership and management skills required to engage, develop and deliver whole of business solutions.

Specialties include strategic business planning, project design and delivery, project review and recovery, change and team management, coaching and facilitating, business improvement, governance, C suite reporting and operational risk management.

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Karin Wong (Management Consultant and Change Manager)

A Management Consultant with over 15 years of experience in Change Management, Strategic Organization, and Personnel Development. Karin’s passion lies in working with people and bringing all walks of life together for a common goal. Excellence in deliverables is one of Karin’s mottos in life!

Karin is highly organized, diligent and skilled in needs and assessment, strategic planning, establishing priorities and delegating tasks, providing leadership and motivating teams to achieve potential and meet objectives, and following through to ensure success.  Karin is a dynamic communicator, facilitator, trainer, and presenter, who have the ability in employing clarity, innovation, patience, humor and using appropriate terminology to deliver an effective presentation to a diverse audience at all organization levels.

As an analyst, writer and editor, Karin is organized, précised and logical. Karin is confident and capable of researching and disseminating a range of systems, processes and digest information with clarity and concision. Karin has received many commendations for clear and concise writing and accurate projection.

Karin is also known to many to be an interpersonal leader with the ability to build robust relationships, inspire stakeholder engagement, establish cultural and behavioral change, through identifying and developing change strategies and monitor the efficiency of changes, foresee issues, provide recommendations to resolve difficulties, enhance learning and improve performance.

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Martin Kerr (Change Leader & Principal)

Martin is an accomplished and integrity driven professional with over 25 years’ experience spanning Manufacturing, Business Transformation, Consulting, Product Development, Engineering, Asset Management, Human Capital, Business Management and Information Technology. His experience provides him with a demonstrated insight to see the “unknowns” before they become “known”.

An impressive track record in project delivery stands Martin out amongst his peers.  He is praised for his ability to not only deliver against the triple constraints of Time, Cost and Quality but also infuse sustained business change and value along the way supporting Asset Management best practice and principles.

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Sue Hollis Brown (Change Leader and Executive Coach)

Sue is an accomplished consulting professional with over 25 years’ experience spanning Change Leadership, Coaching of teams and individuals, Finance, Business Transformation, Management Consulting, Marketing, Human Capital and Business Management. She is collaborative, considerate, analytical and results-oriented and has proven success in achieving business growth and significant change across multiple industries – Engineering, Rail, Manufacture, Media, Pharmaceuticals.

Sue’s impressive track record in change leadership is forged on her ability to work with people at all organizational levels to develop emotional intelligence skills to enable the culture, process and behavioral change needed for successful project delivery.  Her ability to gauge emotional and behavioral blockers and work with teams to resolve and mitigate resistance enables enhanced agility in leaders and teams leading to genuine behavioral adjustments for the realization of a common vision and resulting successful commercial outcomes.

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