Have you ever been in a workshop or meeting and there is that awkward moment because you realize that the manager doesn’t understand the topic at all. Does the manager choke? Do they try to demonstrate their limited knowledge with a few key words or ideas? Does the manager ask a question in such a way that provides them with enough idea to bluff their way forward?

This week I was assigned a temporary role in the organisation that was new to me. It is on a short term basis and while I have an idea of what goes on I am in no way an expert! I made the conscious decision to declare my lack of knowledge to the team up front but at the same time countered this with my enthusiasm and optimism to deliver the short term deliverable. (over the Christmas break as well)

I held extra workshops for people who were also in the team (some remote) as they too were relatively new to this temporary role. I am please to say that at the end of the first week everyone is on the same page, we have all shared our strengths and weaknesses and had a laugh along the way…

Goes to prove that honesty is the best policy. I have also learned that my weakness can also empower people.