How to Implement a Management System (FREE ONLINE COURSE)

The objective of How to implement a Management System is to bring together the considerations of a Management System (Structure and Process) with the hearts and minds of people (Change Management and Culture) through leadership and understanding. This eCourse builds on over 50 year’s combined experience in Management Systems and Change Management.

The backbone of the course is the utilization of the International Standards Organization (ISO) “Standard Structure” which is known as “Annex SL.”Learn how to implement an ISO Management System that is relevant, compliant and adds value for stakeholders while providing change management strategies for all involved.

How to Implement a Management System eCourse (100% FREE)

How to Implement a Management System Course Overview (PDF)

The intended audience for this course is any person(s) seeking an understanding of how to design, implement and sustain a Management System for their organization and workplace. It could be any of the following scenarios:

  • We do not have a Management System in place.
  • There is a Management System, but people aren’t following it.
  • There is a Management System, but it has lost its purpose.
  • The Management System was previously Certified and is up for renewal.
  • We need to certify our Management System but are struggling where to begin.
  • We have multiple Management Systems, but they are not integrated.
  • We want a simple, effective and meaningful Management System that we may choose to certify in the future.

Our courses are designed from years of real-world experience spanning multiple industries, geography and cultures. They contain practical insights that will align organizational thinking and accelerate implementation to achieve the desired level of assurance.

Whether the goal is to implement a simple Management System or to achieve ISO Certification this course is for you.

Discover strategic insights to fast-track implementation, reduce cost, reduce risk, increase revenue and maximize performance.

“A healthy Management System is measured by the value it returns to an Organization and Stakeholders.”

How to Implement a Management System

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