Change leadership in Asset Management

There are many courses on WHAT Asset Management is, but not many on HOW to apply Asset Management across and an organization. Without understanding the WHY and HOW of Asset Management, many change journeys stumble or fail to deliver value.

The Change Leadership in Asset Management range of courses are designed to bring together the technical aspects of Asset Management, the principles of Asset Management, real Business Context, Organizational Culture and the fundamentals of Change Management. Our courses cover the technical aspects of Asset Management but are geared toward assisting those who are responsible for implementing Asset Management in their organizations.

Asset Management is often thought offs a technical standard and for technicians. Our courses are designed to bring the technical areas of the organization together with the commercial and supporting functions. This consideration promotes convergences within the organization and enables an integrated approach to change.  At the end of the day, everyone has a vested interest in the road ahead.

Our courses go beyond the Trainer and Participant model. We invite conversation and challenge throughout our courses and bring real-world scenarios into the classroom. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn from others. This balance between facilitation, workshop and training provide an environment to reaffirm existing knowledge, build confidence but most importantly return participants to the workplace ready to drive value from the first moment. (The last section of each of our courses is dedicated to just that).

Structured Change offers a broad range of courses in including:

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“The course brings the technical and business context together. I spend my day trying to explain Asset Management to many stakeholders (internal and external) and now I feel confident to do so…” (Andrew, Water Sector)

This course explains Asset Management in a simple and relevant way. As a senior member of staff, I was challenged in being able to connect with the workforce. This is no longer an issue for me…” (Phil, Transport Sector)

Working in procurement I had no idea how I contributed to Asset Management. After attending this course I now know what questions to ask and how to challenge…” (Geoff, Strategic Procurement)

“The biggest take out for me from this course is that we are already doing Asset Management but didn’t realise it!  Knowing what I now know I can lift our thinking and take a collective step forward…” (Peter, Improvement Manager)

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