Our Change Management Policy

The following six values underpin Structured Change’s unwavering commitment to the delivery of sustained change (value) to our clients. Our values guide us through ambiguity and are in place to empower any stakeholder to hold Structured Change to account.

1 – Safety

Our safety and the safety of our clients and colleagues is paramount. At Structured Change, we have seen the direct correlation between safety culture and high performing Organisations (and reliability within asset-centric Organisations). We empower ourselves to speak up and take action on behalf of ourselves and those working in our environments if there is any symptom of a doubt in safety.

2 – Value before Revenue

We will place stakeholder need and value to clients ahead of revenue to Structured Change. As consultants and doers, we will never position ourselves so that client is forced to use our services. We will be retained due to our outstanding customer service and their preference to use Structured Change as their trusted service provider.

3 – Integrity

Our integrity rests upon always delivering value to stakeholders by never compromising the principles of Assurance, Alignment, Leadership or Value. Integrity at Structured Change is ensuring that all change decisions take all four principles into consideration and never allow any principle to slip backward. This is where our skills in Change Leadership and Change Management are evident. It also allows Structured Change to challenge stakeholders on occasion when we sense that they could be placing personal preference ahead of organisational need.

4 – Innovation

The term Innovation usually refers to something involving technology. At Structured Change, we first decide on a roadmap to reach the destination (Why and What) before delving into the (How). It is this approach that allows innovation to surface because the first option isn’t always the best one.

5 – Sustainability

Following our zipper metaphor, we will always set out to sustain results. Change Leadership defines the journey, Change Management delivers the journey, Asset Management principles sustain the journey.

6 – Consistency

Structured Change will embrace, utilize and continually improve the Structured Change Framework (SCF). This is our assurance guarantee to clients that we are market leaders in change and hold ourselves accountable for results.

All contractors and employees representing Structured Change are measured against these values. This policy is supported by SCP007 Structured Change Quality Management, SCP016 Structured Change Safety Management and SCP017 Structured Change Environmental Management.