Change Management

Change Management is about delivering the journey. The Structured Change Framework (SCF) is how we set out to deliver change for our clients. Change Leadership and Change Management go hand in hand and will often overlap. As an example coming up with a strategy could be seen as leadership. Delivering or executing the strategy could be seen as Management but as many of us have experienced in our working lives we still need to lead when we manage. The SCF helps us do that.

Change Management in Asset Management

The Structured Change Framework (SCF) is an agnostic (non-industry specific) set of domains designed to align and measure the delivery of sustained change and value to stakeholders. The change domains of People, Process, Change, and Learning is brought together on the back of the four Asset Management principles of Assurance, Alignment, Leadership, and Value. The intersection of these change building blocks is what stands Structured Change ahead of most Change Consultancy companies.

  • Change Strategy is converting the business why into what needs to be done.
  • Change Leadership considers how the change will be orchestrated (Roadmap).
  • Change Management is the actual execution of the change.
  • Knowing which role you represent makes the conversation easier.
  • Knowing which role you are in provides confidence in your influence.
  • Knowing which level you are at allows you to challenge and apply principles

Change practitioners need to understand Asset Management as it relates to the organization they are dealing with. Understanding the value streams as they run through an organization, the processes that support each of the value streams, and the Asset Management capabilities within them. To understand the life cycle approach which underpins Asset Management is the key to driving effective and sustainable change. Structure Change has demonstrated experience in bringing change and Asset Management together in order to realize value for stakeholders.