Change Leadership

Change Leadership in our context is to “Design the journey”. The design of any journey is constructed through conversations, listening and understanding the context of the organization and stakeholder needs in order to assure the delivery of value.

An organization can be a company, a project, a contract, a department of any group of two or more persons. Change Leadership also considers the written and unwritten requirements of a goal(s). Some are political, some are sensitive (internally and/or externally) and some are determined by the risk appetite of the organization. When we design a journey we must be mindful of these factors and tread carefully when we challenge and/or accept change motives.

Structured Change Framework

Change Leadership is about defining the nature (Timing, Size, and Fit) of the goals. It also creates a roadmap of milestones that determine the steps in the journey. It is the skill and experience of the Change Leader that works with relevant stakeholders to design the journey. This then enables the Change Management capability to execute the changes required, while working within a roadmap.

  • Change Strategy is converting the business why into what needs to be done.
  • Change Leadership considers how the change will be orchestrated (Roadmap).
  • Change Management is the actual execution of the change.
  • Knowing which role you represent makes the conversation easier.
  • Knowing which role you are in provides confidence in your influence.
  • Knowing which level you are at allows you to challenge and apply principles