Asset Management (Sales and Marketing)

The Change Leadership in Asset Management (Tender Management) course will provide participants with an understanding of how to apply Asset Management in a sales scenario. Putting Asset Management to work during this critical phase can highlight risks, gaps, opportunities and provide a roadmap ahead.

A Tender usually lands with the sales team at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon… There is a tender strategy meeting on Monday, a team is pulled together and the treadmill begins to turn. There is often a “controlled panic” to answer the questions, meet requirements, obtain pricing, create a compliant offer while selling the value of your organisation and then submit on time. Easy!

Imagine winning a contract then have the ability to flick a switch and the project or contract comes alive without the usual churn.

This course will demonstrate how to position Tender requirements against the principles of Asset Management. By leveraging these principles and processes a team can set up their organisation for success moving forward and provide customers with confidence.


Key Learnings
• Identify and harness the principles of Asset Management
• Define and establish Asset Management in a Tender or a Request for Proposal (RFx) scenario
• Identify and understand how requirements can be addressed with Asset Management
• Go beyond the tender requirements and create a value oriented offer without risking scope creep or increased cost.
• Understand and apply value drivers and highlight your organisation’s ability to deliver
• Bring functional representation within your organisation to the front of your value streams to generate understanding, alignment and innovation
• Discover your own organisational strengths whether the offer is won or lost

Key Benefits
• Embrace what Asset Management is and what it means for your organisation
• Leverage Asset Management to increase revenue, reduce cost and drive value
• Create healthy push-pull tension between business, project and contract functions
• Demonstrate to your customer that you embrace Asset Management
• Exploit organisational capability and make it easier for internal approvals to occur
• Deeper understanding of contracts, projects using ISO55000
• Use the International Standard for Asset Management as a tool to reveal value, explore opportunities and embrace risk
• Consider the balance of cost, risk and performance and how underlying systems support your organisation
• Use ISO55000/55001 to create a roadmap for sustainable and predictable change

Intended Audience
Sales Managers, Bid Managers, Business Development, Estimators, Project Managers, Program Managers, Project Engineers, Planners, Supply Chain, Asset Managers, Engineering Managers, Product Development and supporting functions such as Legal, Finance, Commercial and Information Technology.

There are no prerequisites for this course, however, it is an advantage to have completed the Change Leadership in Asset Management – Core.