Asset Management (Project Delivery)

The Change Leadership Asset Management (Project Delivery) course will provide participants with an understanding of how to apply Asset Management to a Project (or Contract) in order to exploit value in areas that would normally be overlooked.

All Projects and Contracts are structured differently but all of them have levers that can deliver value beyond the documented terms and conditions. Revealing and exploiting these levers is made easier with Asset Management.

This course will demonstrate how to reveal hidden value in Projects and Contracts. Contracts and Projects are temporary endeavours but the value they produce should be realised well beyond contractual terms.


Key Learnings
• Identify and harness the principles of Asset Management
• Define Asset Management in a Contract or Project
• Identify and understand the functional hand off points within a Contract or Project
• Understand and apply tactics and strategies to deliver value and align behaviours
• Create positive tension between Suppliers and Contractors
• Align thinking and behaviours in your wider organisation

Key Benefits
• Embrace what Asset Management is and what it means for your organisation
• Leverage Asset Management to increase revenue, reduce cost and drive value
• Create healthy push-pull tension between business project and contract functions
• Demonstrate to your customer base that you embrace Asset Management
• Discover value for customers within the boundaries of any contract or project without the need to increase scope or cost
• Deeper understanding of contracts, projects or any business assets using ISO55000
• Use the International Standard for Asset Management as a tool to reveal value, explore opportunities and embrace risk
• Consider the balance of cost, risk and performance and how underlying systems support your organisation
• Use ISO55000/55001 to create a roadmap for sustainable and predictable change

Intended Audience
Project Managers, Program Managers, Project Engineers, Planners, Schedulers, Procurement, Logistics, Asset Managers, Business Development, Engineering Managers, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Product Development and supporting functions such as Legal, Quality, Finance, Commercial, Human Resources and Information Technology.

There are no prerequisites for this course, however, it is an advantage to have completed the Change Leadership in Asset Management – Core.