Asset Management (People and Culture)

The Change Leadership in Asset Management (People and Culture) course will demonstrate how the principles of Asset Management coupled with tools, techniques and real world industry experience can shift the direction of culture in any organisation.

Culture is the culmination of values, beliefs and behaviours. These are not switched on or off. They evolve and surface through the Leadership demonstrated across and through an organisation.

Leadership can come from top management and also from the frontline work force. However, without alignment, trust and the understanding of value, culture can drift to a point where value in most dimensions is threatened or lost.

Culture is not a destination; it is the collective mindset of an organisation along a journey…


Key Learnings
• Identify and harness the principles of Asset Management as they apply to culture
• Align business functions, people, teams and stakeholder groups
• Move from push to pull in terms of organisational behaviour
• Convert negativity to positive energy with Asset Management
• Leverage the different functions within an organisation through assurance and leadership
• Assess your own organisational culture and how an Asset Management Roadmap can assist
• Discover and embrace industrial relations through value exploration

Key Benefits
• Embrace what Asset Management is and what it means for your organisation
• Leverage Asset Management to improve culture and encourage innovation
• Create a generative, healthy push-pull tension between stakeholder groups and business functions
• Demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that you embrace Asset Management
• Use Asset Management as a tool to reveal value, explore opportunities and embrace risk
• Consider the balance of cost, risk and performance and how Human Capital supports your organisation
• Use ISO55000/55001 to create a roadmap for sustainable and predictable change

Intended Audience
Anyone in an organisation who wishes to contribute to cultural improvement using Asset Management as the basis for doing so.

There are no prerequisites for this course