Integrating your Business with ISO5500x

“A successful Management System should be measured by the value it returns to an organization and stakeholders, not just successfully meeting audit criteria!”

Integrating your Business with ISO5500x is a two-day course will share experience, knowledge, and insight on how to maximise value from an Asset Management System. It goes beyond the logic of the “ISO shall and must statements” to arrive at a pragmatic method in which to apply ISO5500x. The learnings from this course will assist organizations to move their business forward driven by value as opposed to adding cost and frustration.

The world has grown to recognize the value of an Integrated Management System (IMS). The global attitude has shifted from desktop compliance and a “tick in the box” to exploring the value enablement by a well constructed and accessible Asset Management System.

Your instructor, Martin Kerr, has years of experience assessing and assisting organizations to embed sustained Asset Management. He is on the ISO TC-251(MB-19) working party for ISO5500x, an accomplished Certified Fellow of Asset Management (CFAM) with the Asset Management Council of Australia. Martin is also a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) and project lead for the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). He is a former IMS Manager with an ASX200 company managing to reduce ISO certification overhead through strategic planning, EAM, change leadership and sound process management.

INTEGRATING YOUR BUSINESS WITH ISO55000/55001 will explore how ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001(Environmental), ISO55001(Asset Management) and the new ISO45001(Health & Safety) can be integrated through their consistent structures. Understanding how they fit together and their respective objectives will assist your organization to deliver value from management systems while keeping cost down. (See Integrated Management Systems)


Key Learnings
• Identify and harness the principles of Asset Management for sustainable change.
• Define and embrace Asset Management as it applies to your organization.
• Identify and understand the value streams running through your organization. Repetitive
• Identify and understand each of the sections of ISO55001, their purpose and their relationship with one another and other standards.
• Consider integration points across your organization using ISO55001.
• Understand and apply planning strategies to deliver value and align behaviors using ISO55000.
• Consider Change Leadership and Change Management in conjunction with your Management System.
• Align thinking and behaviors in your organization.
• Consider the integration of the various ISO Management systems.
• Create a roadmap for change with an Asset Management System as the foundation stone.

Key Benefits
• Embrace what Asset Management is and what it means for your organization.
• Leverage Asset Management to increase revenue, reduce cost and drive value.
• Create healthy push-pull tension between business functions (Internal and External).
• Demonstrate to your customer base that you are an Asset Management aligned organization.
• Expose value for customers within the boundaries of any contract or project.
• Enhance market reputation
• Build stakeholder convergence and confidence through a mutual understanding of Asset Management.
• A deeper understanding of contracts, projects or any business assets using ISO55000.
• Use the International Standard for Asset Management as a tool to expose value, explore opportunities and embrace risk.
• Find the balance of cost, risk, and performance and how underlying systems support your organization.
• Use ISO55000/55001 to create a roadmap for sustainable and predictable change

Intended Audience
This course will appeal to anyone involved in the implementation or improvement of an existing Asset Management System. The course will consider people, process, data, technology, behavior and culture. Those looking to reach beyond ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 will also leverage learnings from this course.

There are no prerequisites for this course. Just a will to improve!