Asset Management Workshop Intensive

The focus on the delivery and management of value is the current flavour of the day in most industries. Regulatory and contractual compliance is no longer enough in the eyes of customers. Innovation and value exploration within any business context is simply expected.

So many organisations are focused on winning work, mobilising work, or being measured against the delivery of the work. What if an organisation could create value and improvement through innovation on the back of Asset Management principles? Usually at no cost to a business and without the need to change scope!

Asset Management Intensive Workshop


The Workshop
This one day facilitated workshop will enable teams responsible for the delivery of value from any asset, in any business context. Be it a contract, project or any other asset this workshop will align thinking and create value and convergence through understanding. This is an interactive workshop and no questions are out of bounds!

The workshop focuses on leveraging existing business capability, capacity and environments, rather than shooting for blue sky solutions. This is for people working in real world situations facing real world challenges. The workshop allows participants the opportunity to discover Asset Management whilst applying it to their own organisation.

Why is this workshop different?
The design of this workshop was evolutionary on multiple levels. On one level the sentiment taken from companies during Asset Management Maturity Assessments (conducted via the Asset Management Council of Australia), highlighted similar symptoms across industry in that businesses require a compass to point them in the right AM direction but also a road map to get them on their journey.

On another level there are organisations that were in the process of responding to a tender, but not confident on how to engage, integrate or move their existing capability forward. This of course could lead to future mobilisation issues and even worse, a stressed business and/or disgruntled customer in the process.

This workshop will offer as much information, as many ideas and new approaches as your business can handle. The curriculum is simple…Your business, your burning platform and a structured change to launch you on the back of sound, tested Asset Management fundamentals and cross industry experience.

Workshop Outcomes
• Understand what Asset Management is and the underlying fundamentals and how they apply in your business environment.
• Learn how good Asset Management is a lever for revenue and cost savings in almost any environment.
• Discover free tools such as the Capability Delivery Model that can help build understanding and provide a sound basis for change on the back of Asset Management fundamentals.
• Discover value for your customers within the boundaries of a contract or project without the need to change scope.
• Demonstrate to stakeholders (Customers and Suppliers) that you are an Asset Management aligned organisation.
• Intangible value is hard to define but understanding it is a competitive advantage!
• Build stakeholder convergence through collaboration using Asset Management fundamentals
• Step through a contract, project or any business asset using ISO55000 (International Standard for Asset Management) as a navigation tool to reveal value, explore opportunities and understand risk.
• Learn how to consider the balance of cost, risk and performance and how underlying systems can help
• Using ISO55000 create a roadmap for sustainable and predictable change (AM Journey Map)

Your Facilitator
The workshop is facilitated by Martin Kerr. Martin is a Certified Fellow of Asset Management (CFAM) with the Asset Management Council of Australia, a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) with the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) and a Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD) with the Australian Institute of Project Management.

Martin’s background stems from over 25 years’ experience in the application of Asset Management principles, frameworks and processes. He is an international speaker for AM and an active project member with the “Global Forum of Maintenance and Asset Management” (GFMAM), WPiAM, and the Asset Management Council of Australia. Martin has held senior roles in various industries including Manufacturing, Maintenance, Engineering, Business Development, Program Management, Information Technology, Change Leadership and Business Integration.

Audience Profile
Management, Asset Managers, Business Development, Engineering Managers, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Product Development and supporting functions such as Legal, Finance, Commercial, Human Resources and Information Technology.

Workshops can be conducted onsite or via one of our venues.

Workshop Numbers
Ideally a maximum of 15 people but this can be varied depending on the nature of the business challenge and the level of AM understanding amongst participants and the business.

1 day (Typically 8:30am through 5:00pm with breaks)

Each workshop will require a minimum of one Interview and questionnaire. This is important as this sets the scene and provides Structured Change with the background to convert the burning platform into a formulated workshop that will lead to an executable AM roadmap. I.e. It could be a sales opportunity, it could be to address a contractual issue or it could be as simple as trying to uncover and leverage innovation and promote integration within your organisation.