“Good Asset Management is spending more time on the question and less time on the answer…”

Structured Change specializes in delivering real, sustainable, cultural change to organizations. We do this through the adoption and exploitation of Asset Management principles, a common sense framework and years of experience.

We provide the following niche specialties: 

We continue to grow on the back of our demonstrated success in bringing technical Asset Management together with organizational objectives in order to deliver value and sustained cultural change.

We have a simple approach to change which we share freely with our clients. Our proven approach allows us to address complexity with simplicity. The industries we have served to date are:

  • Defence (Royal Australian Navy)
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Change and Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Utilities (Electricity and Water)
  • Transportation (Road and Rail)
  • Mining
  • Government (Local and State)
  • Information Technology (Enterprise Asset management – EAM)
  • Not for Profit (Surf Life Saving, Asset Management Council, GFMAM, ISO)

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