Case Study

This Asset Management Approach Case Study shares an approach that took an organization from blame and dysfunction to acknowledgment and structure. The case study is focussed on people and culture within an Asset Management context, not simply an Asset Management System.

An organization that is at the beginning of its Asset Management journey still has the same principles to work with. The degree of effort behind each of them needs to be considered because Attitude to Change needs to agree with Appetite and Ability to Change in order for a journey to commence and gain traction.

When an organization sets out with a goal of instilling and/or reinvigorating Asset Management they will be met with challenges such as Line of Sight, Capability, Capacity, Systems, Humans and of course market pressures.

When we think of Asset Management we picture maintenance, operations, reliability, whole of life costing models and other plumbing required to reach the desired balance of Cost, Risk and Performance.

ISO5500x has provided us two core documents to establish an Asset Management organization. The first is an overview and fundamentals of an Asset Management organization with the second being a specification for an Asset Management System. These are great documents but how does one approach an Asset Management journey especially when the organization is considered immature on many fronts? The challenge is to know where to start and an even greater challenge is asking for an opinion of where to start.

The duration of the assignment was 4 months

Waiver (Client Privacy)

This Case Study reflects the actual approach, events, observations, and results of an assignment undertaken by Structured Change. The name of the company ‘Acme’ is fictitious and is intended to protect the identity of the company engaged. Any parallel made between this case study and another is purely coincidental. This could be a processing plant of any nature in any part of the world.